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In today’s world, news and information are widely available.  It is obtained from the internet and the media such as television and radio.  Anyone can put information or their opinion on the internet through various methods.

This has democratized the worldwide information flow.

But there are problems related to this.

The quality of this information is unknown.  Also, most of it is totally unimportant;  unimportant as in, if you did not know, it would make no difference(to you).  There is some important news, but very little.  This is information that if people new about it, it would or should cause them to take action.

It means there is an unlimited amount of  worthless items on the internet.  It also means that readers have to hunt for the valuable items.

The news available from the media is not news; it is mostly entertainment and is the same as that from the internet, almost totally worthless.

Why is most news and information worthless?

People do not want hard news.  They want to be entertained and have something to whine about.




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Written by solutions777

July 31, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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