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The world’s economies are in trouble.  Countries are close to bankruptcy.  There are many people without jobs.  Health care is expensive or not available.  Consumer prices are continuously increasing.  The number of poor or have-nots is growing.

What is to be done?

Every politician, economist, blog writer or main stream media persona has a different idea about what should be done.  They all agree on one thing;  everybody else is wrong.  They almost got it right.  The reality is all of them are wrong; none of them have any idea on how to fix the economy.

All of them blame someone else:  the Democrats, the Republicans, special interest groups, the rich, business, and on and on.

Again, all of them are wrong.  In the end, the blame lies with all of them.  Since none of them know anything about economics, they should all just remain silent.

The economies can be fixed, but not by them.  It is time to find someone that really understands economics.



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Written by solutions777

August 21, 2011 at 8:47 pm

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