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TALENT in Hiring

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In the entertainment industry, it is the talents the makes a project work: no talent; no movie, television show, CD or play.  These people are artistic and creative.

In other industries, organizations or business, these individuals have more effect on success or failure.

This is the issue.

Most organizations hire based upon prior experience and likeability.  This is a big mistake.  Organizations that want to maximize their success, should hire pure ability  —  generally intelligence.   Why do organizations hire the way they do?  Because people are immature.  They will not hire someone more capable than themselves.  They hire people they like.  They like people like themselves.

The best example of this is government.  Government workers from the president on down are much less capable than those in industry.  Top people from industry go into government service for the notoriety.  Once in government, they do not do a good job.  It is for their personal public relations.  It is also possible that the top people from industry are not that capable.

This is a reason the world is a disaster zone.





Written by solutions777

August 24, 2011 at 3:44 pm

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