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No New Jobs in August

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This piece of news has sparked quite a few blog writers to comment.  This is not unexpected news.  The United States is in a recession and headed for a recession.

What can be done?

The problem with the economy including the jobs situation will not be solved by the politicians.  The politicians know nothing about economics.  “The politicians” means everyone holding or wanting to hold an elected office.

So where does that leave the people of the United States?

In a leaky boat in deep water.  The boat cannot be patched and the water is rising.

If the problem is to be solved, then someone who is a master of economics needs to be put in charge.  This someone will not have any degrees in economics.  The economics taught in Universities is a fraud, totally wrong.

The economy cannot be micro-managed by the government.

Do the people of the United States really want the economy to improve?

Everyone would say, “YES”.

This is not true. They really want a genie from a bottle to grant them a wish.

To solve the economic problem will require a master of economics, hard work and some temporary economic pain.  Also the solution will not happen overnight.


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Written by solutions777

September 2, 2011 at 6:24 pm

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