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The Universal Bias Against Intelligence

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There is a worldwide bias against intelligence; against people with superior mental abilities.  The ordinary man just does not like people smarter than he is.  This bias is just like prejudice based upon religion, race, or skin color.  This bias is both stupid and mean.

This is this problem for the world.


Because the people of ordinary intelligence are destroying the world.  The world’s problems have been caused by the ordinary(mental) and inferior(mental) man.  They are doing this by oppressing the superior man(mental).  The ordinary person refuses to admit that there are individuals with vastly superior intelligence.

Why is this being done?

Because the ego and false pride of the ordinary man is more important to him than the survival of the world.  Also, he refuses to believe that superior intelligence is needed.

It will take brightest to keep the world from being destroyed.


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Written by solutions777

September 11, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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