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Poverty in America

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The latest statistics report that the number of Americans living in poverty has increased to a record percentage.

The United States has always had a high poverty rate compared to other countries.  Even in comparatively good economic times, the poverty rate is still about 11%.

Why is the poverty rate so high?

Part is due to the state of the US economy.  Part of it is due to structure of the US economy.

Why is the US poverty rate higher than other developed countries?

Part of this is due to the differences in the statistical methodology to measure poverty in each country.  And, part is due the differences in the structures of each countries’ economies.

From the above, most people would say that the structure of the US country should be changed.

This is a snap judgment, also one that is incorrect.

But even if it was a correct, how should the structure be changed?

No one seems to know, but people keep wanting the United States to change to a socialist economy.

Socialism has never worked.  It will not work in the United States.  So forget about a socialist economy.

Additional information:  Approximately the same number of people are without health insurance in the United States.

This is not a poverty issue, but just another piece of the economic problem effecting both United States and the rest of the world.


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Written by solutions777

September 13, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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