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Government Decision Making

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Government decisions at all level have a major impact on individual lives.  Some people like the government to make the decision that affect our lives.  They believe in the government and that what it does is good for them.

Government decisions are made by individuals who are stupid and incompetent, and/or looking for personal gain.  Many of the problems in the world are caused by decisions made by government. The government does more harm than good.

Why do citizens continue to allow the government to make decisions that are wrong and usually not in their best interest?  Many times, it is something that government should not be involved in.

It is simple.  Most people are stupid and lazy:  stupid in thinking the government will do what is best for them; lazy in that they do not want to think for themselves.  Maybe they are so scared of having to be responsible for their own lives.

Government is about power and control.

Just think how it would be if the system automatically provided minimum control over people while letting them retain power over their own lives.

How many people want to run their own lives?


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Written by solutions777

September 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm

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