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Bad News is all that should be presented by the media currently.  Anything else is a big lie.  There is nothing good happening.

The world is awash disasters and troubles.  Bad News.

The economy makes up the biggest part of the world.  A strong economy is key.  The economy is jobs, prices, interest rates, investments, etc.  Without a good economy, there is going to be problems with everything.

Past time to get the economy going again.


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Written by solutions777

October 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Economic Lesson – Two – Government Statistics

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Government statistics are incorrect.  The government manipulates the statistics to make the economy look better than it really is.  For example; if the government say the unemployment rate is 10%, it is really 20%.  The same is true for inflation and other economic statistics.

Citizens would know about this government manipulation if they really thought about it.  Everybody knows prices are rising much faster than the government says.


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Written by solutions777

October 28, 2011 at 3:28 pm

The World Awash in Debt

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Every one and every organization are broke.  Nations in Europe, home owners and former students in America cannot repay the money they borrowed.

So, now all of them want to be bailed out.  They are all whining and crying; poor us, woe is us, please help us.  How pitiful.  They got the money and now it is gone.

These borrowers have helped put the world economy in a terrible condition.

And now they want others to throw away their money, so these dead beats can waste this money too.

How stupid can people be?

So now if someone does not want to repay a loan; they just say they cannot pay, borrow some more money which they are not going to repay;  then the cycle continues until no one has any money left.

It is time for this idiocy to stop.

Anyone that does not repay their loans are thieves, criminals.

All of these borrows should be forced to repay every penny with all interest.  If they have no money, all their assets should be ceased and sold.  If that does not cover it, they should have a permanent lien attached and denied any and all government benefits until the loans are repaid in full.

Sound draconian.

It is what it takes to send the message loud and clear:  everybody and all organizations cannot borrow money without repaying it.

Everyone should be personally responsible for their life.


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Written by solutions777

October 28, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Truths That Need Repeating

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Repeat over and over again:  the jobs bill will not create permanent jobs and will not improve the economy.  No matter what anyone writes or says, the jobs bill should not be passed.  It is only politics and wishful thinking.

The Occupy movement is not about the 99% against the 1%.  It is about ideology being pushed by a small group. These people have no idea what needs to be done to get the economy going again.  They are just like the people is western that get a lynch mob going to storm the jail.

Politicians and economists are completely useless.

Politicians are incompetent and/or corrupt.

A little government goes a long way.  It is easy to have too much government.  Government has few answers to the problems/issues in the world.

Just because it is legal, does not make it right.

The individual cannot sit back and let someone else do it, especially the government.

Politics is for fools.  Politics leads to ideology.  Ideology means people are trying to control others for their own benefit, which is a bad thing.

Democracy in theory sounds good.  In reality, the largest groups of voters win;  this group is usually stupid, easily led astray, and/or out for themselves.


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Written by solutions777

October 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm

Economic Lesson – One – Government Benefits

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People believe that government benefits are good things.

Not always.

For all governments, there is a limit on the dollar amount of benefits the government can afford.  At some point, a government will run out of money.

Why not just raise taxes to pay for the additional benefits?

Because there is a limit to increasing taxes.  Not that there is not more money that could be raised.  It is because it causes behavior changes in taxpayers.  As taxes are raised, more and more people apply for government benefits, fewer people start new businesses or expand their business, people have less money to spend, and other changes.

Why not increase taxes only on the rich?

The short answer is the government can never beat the rich.  The rich will always figure out how to keep their money.  The only way to eliminate the rich is to confiscate their money.

The rich are the spark that ignites the economy.  Whether it is by starting businesses or providing necessary capital, it is done by the rich or those that will become rich.

So, if the rich have their money confiscated; the spark will shut down.

This means the economy goes into a downward spiral, the end result is everybody is very poor.

There is also the issue of people on government benefits no longer contributing to the economy.  These people can develop a mentality of entitlement; they feel they are entitled to free money.  Instead of using the benfits to get back on their feet, the benefits become a way of life.

Aside Note:  Morality Question

Fairness  of the system, fairness to all.  If any person works hard for his money, how can anyone morally say he has to give it to others who do little or nothing?

If a man cannot keep the money he makes, why make any at all?

If no one makes any money, there will be no money.


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Written by solutions777

October 18, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Economic Lessons

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Periodically, basic economic lessons will be published.

The lessons are not to teach economics.  They are to highlight major errors in thinking by the average person concerning economics.  These errors could be from the teaching in economics at major universities.  The errors could also be what is generally believed to be true.

Either way, the lessons should help readers in their personal lives, in thinking about national economies, and about economic policies and strategies.

Reader submitted questions will be addresses as appropriate.


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Written by solutions777

October 18, 2011 at 7:32 pm


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October 18, 2011 at 7:01 pm

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