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The World Awash in Debt

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Every one and every organization are broke.  Nations in Europe, home owners and former students in America cannot repay the money they borrowed.

So, now all of them want to be bailed out.  They are all whining and crying; poor us, woe is us, please help us.  How pitiful.  They got the money and now it is gone.

These borrowers have helped put the world economy in a terrible condition.

And now they want others to throw away their money, so these dead beats can waste this money too.

How stupid can people be?

So now if someone does not want to repay a loan; they just say they cannot pay, borrow some more money which they are not going to repay;  then the cycle continues until no one has any money left.

It is time for this idiocy to stop.

Anyone that does not repay their loans are thieves, criminals.

All of these borrows should be forced to repay every penny with all interest.  If they have no money, all their assets should be ceased and sold.  If that does not cover it, they should have a permanent lien attached and denied any and all government benefits until the loans are repaid in full.

Sound draconian.

It is what it takes to send the message loud and clear:  everybody and all organizations cannot borrow money without repaying it.

Everyone should be personally responsible for their life.


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Written by solutions777

October 28, 2011 at 3:27 pm

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