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While we believe that all comments should be posted, sometimes the comment is just not relevant.

Below is a comment received about “Truths That Need Repeating”.

“The Occupy Wall Street movement is proof that we cannot rely on corporations to look out for our best interests. You can’t vote for the president of Wal-Mart or Exxon and assume that they’ll make the moral decisions that the people want. We elect our leaders to do that, and right now the Supreme Court and right wing zealots are doing the bidding of the top 1% of the country.”

This above is a prime example of the nonsense put into comments.

Just a few facts:

-It is not the responsibility of corporations to look out for our best interests, that is our job.

-Corporations are private property owned by the shareholders who get to elect the board of directors which chose the president.  Why should non-shareholders/owners get to choose the president?  The public has no right to decide how private property is used.  If someone disagrees, then some of us want to live in your house, drive your car and eat your food.

-Our leaders are the ones that were elected.

No need to continue.  The rest of this post is about envy, hate and jealousy.  Posts like this should not be published by any blogger.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.


Written by solutions777

November 2, 2011 at 5:51 pm

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