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College Basketball Thuggery

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Too many thugs playing college basketball; referees are failures, sport is deteriorating.

College basketball referees do not know the rules or refuse to enforce them.  As a result college basketball has become a contact sport.

Every activity has rules and the rule should be enforced; all the rules all the time.

Television commentators describe teams as aggressive, scrappy, or physical.  The translation is that the team is a “fouler”.  They do not play by the rules, but push, shove, grab, hit and make physical contact.

An example from Sunday:  Creighton versus North Carolina

1)  Creighton’s Gregory Echenique knocked North Carolina player Tyler Zeller; no call.

2)  Various Creighton players were trying to hit North Carolina’s John Henson’s injured wrist.  This continued even after another North Carolina player spoke to a referee.

3)  A hard foul by Creighton’s Ethan Wragge on Kendal Marshall, breaking a bone in this wrist.

Basketball is not supposed to be NHL Hockey.

The appropriate referee responses should have been in each case: 1) call the foul; 2)  call the foul and warn the Creighton team, next occurrence would call for a foul, technical foul and an ejection; 3) foul, technical foul and ejection.

The NCAA should then apply sanctions to Creighton of no post season play for the university or any player for 3 years;  reason, a pattern of dirty play.

This may seem harsh, but look at it from the view points of the North Carolina players: trying to deliberately injure a player and then injuring a player on a team with a high probability of reaching the finals.  Also, a message needs to be sent that physical play will not be tolerated, even if it cost a team the game.

The attitude of letting them play needs to be wiped out.  If a team cannot play without fouling, then call fouls even if all starters foul out and they lose by a 100.

If it was up to us, teams that consistently play a physical game would be banned from post season play, forfeit all television money and coaches would be banned for life.

Injuring players is totally uncalled for, especially deliberately.

Remember how the referees protected Kareem when he was a UCLA.  It should be that way for all players.


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

March 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm

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