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Loss Of Civilization In The United States

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The America we remember fondly was a more civilized place than it seems today.

Or maybe we are just nostalgic for a time when people felt greater control over their own lives…a time when the “American Dream” still seemed possible.

As you know, the possibilities offered by that dream now exist in certain places overseas.

What happened to America?

The people living in the United States are not Americans.  They have no American values.  They are in no way related to the founding fathers, not in body, mind or spirit.

These people are barbarians, not Americans.

How could this happen?

They quit being Americans, they sold out.  They stopped loving their country.  They sold out for material goods and to be liked.

What they did was the same as selling their souls.

So, they get government handouts and nobody likes them.  They are pawns to politicians.  They think they matter, that they have rights; but the joke is on them.  They have condemned their descendents to be fourth class citizens to the end of time.  Just like the serfs in old Russia, they will always live off the scraps of real Americans’ tables.

The only question left to be answered:  Will everybody in the United States go this route?  Will there be anybody left with any backbone?  Are there any winners left in the United States?

The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

July 4, 2012 at 12:37 am

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