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Discrimination Against The Rich

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People hate the rich.  Every day, the hate is growing.

This hate is pure discrimination.

This is evil.

The strange thing is that the hate is uneven.  The hate for the rich is confined to business people and inherited wealth.  There is no hate for the actor that receives $20 million per picture, the athlete that receives $20 million a year, or any other type of celebrity; no matter how much money they make.  This unevenness is totally irrational.  If people are going to hate the rich, then hate them all equally.  After all, celebrities are just as much business people as corporate executives or financiers.

Hate is evil.

When someone hates, there are three possibilities;  the person hates himself, the person wants to be like the person he hates or he fears the person he hates.

It seems the more political a person is, the more likely he is to hate.

Hate is a character defect.

Haters are losers.

This applies to you.

Do not think it does not.


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

July 8, 2012 at 2:36 am

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