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Warning — Police State Advance

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If you travel internationally with a laptop computer, smart phone,
or other electronic devices, beware. Customs officials may seize,
search and copy the contents of any such device. In most countries,
there’s no arrest, warrant or probable cause required. Every day,
there are warrantless searches of electronic devices at U.S. Border

In the United States, you don’t even need to be at the “border” to be
subject to these rules. In 2008, the Department of Homeland Security,
which oversees the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Service (CB&P),
announced that it would apply these rules not just at actual border
crossings, but also within 100 miles of any border crossing. That
brings many of America’s largest cities, including New York, San
Francisco, Las Angeles, and Miami, into what the American Civil
Liberties Union calls a “constitution-free zone.” Between 2008 and
2010, 6,500 persons had their electronic devices searched along
the U.S. border, according to the DHS.


The United States and many other countries are becoming police states.  These nations do it in the name of “fighting terrorism” or some other made up reason.

The truth is that nations want more control over there citizens and reasons to confiscate people’s money.

If citizens do not take action, one day they will wake up and realize they are slaves.  It may not happen in your life time, but it will happen in your children’s or grand-children’s lifetime.

It is not hard to stop a police state; all it takes is ACTION.  This means doing something.

There is advice available.

The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.


Written by solutions777

June 1, 2013 at 2:55 pm

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