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Two-Faced Liberals And Democrats

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Despite the public personas they like to project to the gullible, most leading Democrats really do not have no problem making money, keeping it out of reach of the taxman, and speculating with their capital. It’s not just George Soros and Ted Turner, mind you. Sometimes, of course, questions about the nature of the more adventurous wheelings and dealings (certain real estate deals in Whitewater and commodities futures speculations with insider tie-ins of certain former first ladies of the beautiful state of Arkansas come to mind) will have to be labeled part of vast right-wing conspiracies.

But then again, good, old-fashioned greed is probably the one truly bi-partisan quality.

After all, even permanently rumpled eco-saint Ralph Nader commands a multimillion-dollar stock portfolio and a private trust that at various times has contained sizable shares in funds that are invested in just the oil companies, multinationals and defense contractors, and big pharma companies he preaches against from his soapbox.

Heck, even Michael More, self-appointed blue-collar apostle of moral outrage at corporate greed, isn’t all that concerned about it when it comes to shoring up his own nest egg. IRS forms detail holdings in Merck, Pfizer, Genzyme, Eli Lilly, Sunoco, Schlumberger, Honeywell, Boeing and a host of other corporate evildoers. (One year, he even dabbled in trading Halliburton stock. Oh, the irony!)

The only danger to society arising from this situation would be de-emphasizing the need to be proactively involved in the creation of your personal wealth — through investing, financial structuring and financial planning. What’s good and advisable to Democrat politicos should be good and advisable for their electorate.

Of course, stressing the financial responsibility of the individual may not be quite the message most liberals would espouse publicly: After all, in its terminal logical consequence, it would eliminate the need for their political platform of government-mandated wealth redistribution.Maybe the message we should take home from Obama’s troubles should be don’t do as they say… do as they do!


The public figures that people want to trust the most, usually are far from honest, honorable or very trust- worthy.

Learn from the above and ACCEPT it.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

June 19, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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