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Media Publishes Dumb Articles

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The media is composed of television, radio, newspapers, magazines and most importantly, the internet.

Basically, all organized media is just entertainment, nothing more.

People stupidly want to use the media to entertain and sell you trash.

The media is a communication mechanism.  It needs to be used for better purposes than to waste your brain and waste your money.

An important responsibility of organized media is to provide factual information with unbiased analysis.  The media does not do this, just the opposite.

Read any article in any organized media and you will find biased, factless, totally workable garbage.

Organized media pushes this claptrap because it

– has no grasp on reality, it lives in a dream world.

– lacks intelligence

– is evil

– is a failure

– lives off handouts


Organized media is irrelevant to the world.

Those who can and do think for themselves know just how worthless organized media is.

Those who either cannot or will not think for themselves are being led down the path to doom.  These people will NEVER have anything; they will become the serfs of the world.

Our advice is to stop following organized media and think for yourself, or at least find an intelligent and fair to all source of information and ideas.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

August 24, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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