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Here are the specifics:

À    Total nonfarm employment is down 4.6% since January 2007, reflecting a decline of 6.27 million jobs.
À    Private-sector employment has fallen 5.8% and lost 6.625 million jobs.
À    Total government employment climbed 1.6% over the past three years and added 355k jobs.
À    Meanwhile, federal government employment (not shown on the chart) rose 3.7% and tacked on 100k jobs over the analyzed period.

Ergo, as you probably expected, the loss of employment has occurred entirely in the private sector, as Uncle Sam grows more bloated each day. If you happen to be in the private sector, it also might not psych you up too much to know that the average pay per federal worker in 2009 was reportedly $75,419, while per capita average annual income across the U.S. is only about $36,000.

Private employment growth must resume soon, or the U.S. risks falling prey to the same plague that has been consuming the welfare states of Western Europe for decades. And the way to spark private employment growth is certainly not by government growth.

The U.S. has just experienced its second lost decade. And the powers that be in Washington have us on a course that virtually guarantees the next ten years will also be a loss.

The politicians and their trained seals(economists) have led nations into continued economic decline.  There is no end in sight.

These nations are on there way to becoming Third World nations.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

August 31, 2013 at 6:49 pm

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