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The world is progressing/improving, from China and southeast Asia to Europe: the United States is on a steep/fast decline.

Some basic facts are:  12th in economic freedom, 29th in education, 19th in corruption, No. 1 in health care spending but somehow manage 35th place in longest lifespan and 1st place in egregiously expensive medical care! The US leads the world in public debt and is No. 6 in household debt. The US has the fourth-highest poverty rate among OECD countries, and is one of the world leaders in child poverty. Per-capita income is declining, not rising.  Unemployment is on the rise and prices are going ever higher.

The message is clear:  Unless something drastic is done, the United States as a great nation is gone, finished, kaput.

This means a total change in how things are done:  TOTAL!

Do not want to believe it?

Just ask your parents and grandparents.

Politicians and government are NOT the solution; they are the problem.

Politics is more important than good solutions to both politicians and the citizens.  This only leads to the continued decline of the nation.  Political solutions are never good solutions.

The nation can be saved and rise to greatness again, but not without a total change.

NEW POLITICAL PARTY ( has the solutions the nation needs.

Are you part of the problem?

Or do you want to be part of the America our forefathers envisioned?


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

May 3, 2014 at 7:39 pm

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