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Few people can stomach the idea that public life is out of the conscious control of the authorities in whom they have placed so much faith. They lack a faith in, and an affection for, fate.

People don’t like fate. Fate is the bad stuff that happens when no one is in charge, when chaos reigns. Instead, they believe in the ability of right-thinking experts to “do something” to bring about a better outcome than fate had in store for them.

They want a leader who will slay their enemies and bring the home team to victory. They want officials to deliver full employment, someone else’s money, the America’s Cup, and free beer on tap 24/7. They want someone in the driver’s seat who will take them where they want to go.

History is largely a record of fender benders, sideswipes and pile-ups.

History ignores the trillions of very good decisions made by private citizens in their private lives. We don’t see the calculation of the boatmen, bringing their barks to shore just before the tide turns.

We hardly notice the bowman, who sends his arrow to a spot just a few feet in front of a racing rabbit. Nor does history spend much time on the brakeman, who carefully brings the 11:07 am from New York to a halt directly in front of travelers standing on the platform at Pennsylvania Station in Baltimore.

But the competence of the brakeman, boatman and bowman make us overconfident. If we can bring a train to rest at exactly the right spot, why not an economy? If we can impose our will, by force, on a rabbit, why not on Alabama? If we can drive a car, why not a whole society?

It seems reasonable enough. And it agrees with our core intellectual bias – well established since the time of Aristotle and re-established during the Renaissance – that we are able to see, understand, and direct our future.

But if that were true, history would be a lot less colorful than it is. What actually happens is that people take on big projects. And fail miserably.


The fools want someone in charge so bad; they will accept anybody, even the most corrupt and incompetent.

People are so lazy they will allow anyone to be in charge as long as they do not have to do anything.

The stupid and the lazy are the cause of the wrong people being in charge which leads to the mess you are in.

The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

September 13, 2014 at 8:31 pm

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