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Palestinians to Become a Party to Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

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Talk about letting the rabid dogs into the hen house.

Evil in the world will just not stop.

This should be the next order of business for this jester court:

—  order all members of Hamas arrested for war crimes

—  order all residents of Gaza arrested as accessories to war crimes

—  order anybody protecting the above groups to be arrested as accessories to war crimes

—  execute all of the above

Firing rockets at civilians would be a war crime. right?

Or is firing rockets at Jews a good thing?


Because everybody is anti-semitic.

Neither Israel nor the United States belongs to the ICC.

The United States finally got something in foreign affairs right.

Surprise, surprise.

Since Israel does not belong to the Nazi ICC, the stormtroopers have no jurisdiction.

The chief Palestinian UN observer, Riyad Mansour, said: “It is really puzzling when you seek justice through a legal approach to be punished for doing so.”

Seeking justice for what?

Since 1967, palestinians have been trying to destroy Israel.

So, if Israel fights back, it is some kind of crime.

This is TOTALLY backwards.

Palestinians are the aggressors and always have been.

Does the world hate Jews this much?


Nothing else can explain why everybody from international organizations to the nations of the EU are siding with the scum of the Middle East(palestinians to the ignorant).

Note:  The palestinians have no oil.

Even though the palestinians have no official nation, they are a rogue state.

palestinians support Hamas, a terrorist organization; that makes palestinians a rogue state.

Note:  The United States gives over $400 million in aid to the palestinians.

paletinians, another rogue state to be destroyed.

World nation morals and definition of good and evil are out of wack.

Rogue states are evil.

Evil is supposed to be destroyed.

The good, moral thing to do here is crush the palestinians until they stop being a rogue state.

To do this, all “good” nations should

—  cut off all aid to palestinians

—  eliminate palestinians from all international organizations

—  put maximum sanctions on palestinians including a total blockade

To end rogue state status, palestinians must

—  disband Hamas

—  outlaw all  radical groups

—  admit blame for decades of war crimes against Israel

—  recognize Israel

—  denounce all groups with the goal of destroying Israel

For the really, really stupid and/or evil, Israel is the good guys; palestinians are the bad guys.

Act accordingly.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

January 2, 2015 at 8:02 pm

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