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Media Screams Disaster

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The media continues to scream about the disaster if something happens.

—  Trump elected president, or even becomes the GOP candidate

—  England leaves the European Union

—  any other flavor of the day

It also screams about what must be done,

—  could be any passing fancy

Sometimes, the media believes this stupidity.

Sometimes, it is influence you.

Every time, the media is wrong.

The media is promoting the status quo; to protect power brokers.

It is not about disaster; it is about limiting change.

Much of the media is obsolete.

Newspapers, television news, and even many websites are on their way to disappearing.

More and more, people are getting the facts from non-mainstream web sites.

Or people just plain do not care.

Ignore the media except for big picture facts.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.





Written by solutions777

March 7, 2016 at 1:03 am

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