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Trump said he would allow the federal government to shut down if Democrats do not fund his border wall and back immigration law changes.

A win-win for all Americans.

Immigrants are harmful to Americans and their quality of life; both legal and illegal.

The United States should eliminate all but merit based immigration into the US; and deport as many current immigrants as possible.

Very few nations benefits from accepting immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers; and there is no reason accept them.

Most government is of no benefit to Americans; total waste of money.

Better it is shut down than harming Americans.

Best if it was shut down for an extended period of time.

Save millions; except corrupt and/or incompetent politicians will give everybody back salary and benefits.

So stupid.

But the norm for politicians.




Turkey is part of the F-35 fighter program.

It is authorized to purchase these aircraft.

This is due to Turkey being a NATO member.

The US is considering kicking Turkey out of the program.


Turkey should have been kicked out of NATO and this program years ago.

Turkey is considering purchase of Russian missile defense systems.

This would be a violation of sanctions against Russia.

Turkey would then connect both the missile system and the F-35 program to its air force info network.

This would give US military secrets to the Russians.

NATO is a defense pact against Russia, an aggressive, imperialistic rogue state.

Turkey  is an ally of Russia.

Turkey is carrying out a program of genocide against the Kurds.

Turkey is a rogue state.

Kick Turkey out of NATO and the F-35 program and apply the maximum sanctions.

Any nation not doing so is guilty of aiding and abetting genocide.




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