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China’s Economic Growth

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Often called a miracle.

How was this growth achieved?

Through evil.

China did it by

—  stealing massive amounts of intellectual property

—  exporting contaminated(highly poisonous) food and medicinal products

—  exporting other adulterated consumer products such as baby toys containing lead

—  militarily annexing other nations territory to acquire natural resources

—  conquering neighboring nations and oppressing their citizens

—  using economic development deals to cheat other nations out of natural resources

—  violating fair trade agreements

—  being the worst/largest polluting nation in the world

China is a bully that lies, cheats, steals and kills.

But that is what rogue states do.

Yes, China is genuine rogue state.

The only miracle is that the nations of the whole did nothing while China did massive evil.




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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

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