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Agreement made between Yemen government and houthi terrorists.

The UN facilitated the agreement.

Thank you UN.

The UN prevented the elimination of the houthi terrorist group.

Stupidity, corruption and incompetence in action.





Trump says fund border wall or government will be shut down.

Double good news.

The United States needs a massive secure southern border wall.

So many benefits for Americans.

Bonus if Mexico is forced to pay for it.

Shutting down the government is highly beneficial.

Especially, if government employees are not given back pay for the shut down period.

Shutting down the government should mean absolutely no government spending.

Longer the shutdown, more money saved.

Almost everything the government does is corrupt and/or stupid.

Most government is worthless.




The US is pulling troops out of Afghanistan.

Why were troops there?

What was the benefit for The United States?

Did not stop terrorism.





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