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China’s Economic Growth

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Often called a miracle.

How was this growth achieved?

Through evil.

China did it by

—  stealing massive amounts of intellectual property

—  exporting contaminated(highly poisonous) food and medicinal products

—  exporting other adulterated consumer products such as baby toys containing lead

—  militarily annexing other nations territory to acquire natural resources

—  conquering neighboring nations and oppressing their citizens

—  using economic development deals to cheat other nations out of natural resources

—  violating fair trade agreements

—  being the worst/largest polluting nation in the world

China is a bully that lies, cheats, steals and kills.

But that is what rogue states do.

Yes, China is genuine rogue state.

The only miracle is that the nations of the whole did nothing while China did massive evil.




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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


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The State Department will pull back funding it had allocated to rebuild parts of Syria once held by the Islamic State.

The administration informed Congress the money would be “redirected” away from Syria to other, unspecified areas.

The money is going to be wasted elsewhere; just cancel the spending.

Commitments from other countries already total $300 million, including $100 million from Saudi Arabia.

How corrupt and incompetent is government?

Silly question; governments are controlled by politicians.

Syria is a rogue state and an enemy of both The United States and Saudi Arabia.

No nations should be providing any aid of any kind to Syria.

International sanctions imposed over North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs technically do not cover humanitarian activities, and the United Nations recently adopted a U.S. proposal designed to streamline approval for aid shipments.

Stupidity grows by leaps and bounds.

Aid is aid.

Sanctions mean absolutely no aid.

Rogue states’ evil activities benefit from humanitarian aid.

North Korea can buy food on the open market at market prices.

No money, no problem.

Melt weapons down for scrap and sell the scrap:  disband military units and send the former troops to work on the farms.

Humanitarian aid only prolongs the life of rogue state regimes.

Trade war grows with China.

US adds more tariffs; China adds more tariffs.

A trade war with China is much needed:

  —  most consumer products from China are contaminated, especially food

  —  China is by far the largest source of environmental damage worldwide, especially air pollution;  much of which is carried to the US

  —  China steals billions of dollars of intellectual property each year

  —  China blocks imports from US exporters

  —  China violates sanctions on rogue states

  —  could lead to either the US or China leaving the World Trade Organization:  WTO is anti-US

A massive trade war.

There are big problems with Trump’s trade war:

  —  too little and/or too weak

  —  the tariffs are badly designed

These tariffs do nothing to solve the any of the trade problem with China.

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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


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Trump has enacted tariffs on imports from China.

Past due.

China has been stealing intellectual property and cheating on trade for decades.

The downside is the tariffs will raise prices for Americans.


Because the chinese will pass the tariffs through to Americans by increasing the prices on the imports.

There is a better way.

Trump and his trade experts will never understand it.

Tell Trump to email us.




Immigration authorities are cracking down on illegal immigrants; criminal fecal matter people.

Again, past due.

Bunch of anti-American fools whining about inhumane treatment of these scum.

Remember boys and girls, humane/inhumane is a made-up concept.

These people are getting less than they deserve; they deserve to be shot on sight or at least have a major limb amputated.

Hopefully, immigration enforcement will be ratcheted up in the near future.




The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


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The 44th G7 summit will be held on June 8 and 9, 2018.

Tomorrow and Friday.

At the G7 Summit Canada intends to “showcase both its domestic and international priorities: to strengthen the middle class, advance gender equity, fight climate change, and promote respect for diversity and inclusion.”

What nonsense.

Nothing important.

Groups like the G7

—  give leaders an opportunity to spew propaganda(lies)

—  give same leaders a recess from work and provide them a free trip

—  waste millions of taxpayer dollars

—  takes focus away from important issues

All such groups should be disbanded immediately.




Almost time for The United States – North Korea summit.

Waste of time and money.

All the focus on a failure.

Everybody’s focus is on nuclear weapons.

Rogue states have many other more important weapons.

North Korea has a massive army; one that could easy overwhelm that of South Korea.

Forget the summit.

Tell North Korea to disband its military(including nuclear and missile) or face maximum sanctions forever.

No negotiation.

Then, immediately implement the sanction.

Also, implement sanctions on any nation that does not implement the same sanctions on North Korea.




Trump seems on the verge of starting a trade war with Europe, Canada and Mexico.

It is long overdue.

Those nations have been robbing Americans blind through unfair trade practices for decades.

Some business and business organizations are whining about it.

They have been benefiting from trade deals that cheat American consumers.

Hopefully, the wheel turns and they can pay back their easy profits.

Trump should start a massive trade war.

The only issue is that whatever he does will be stupid.

This is to be expected as very few people under how trade policies work; maybe no one does.

Especially economists.

Bring on the trade war; cut countries off from US markets.

Too bad Trump will not obtain expert advisors on trade policies.

We have referrals for him.




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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


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Mexico imports 75 percent of its gasoline, 80 percent of which comes from the U.S.

Mexico:  Sign a new trade agreement on our terms including a border wall or no more gasoline from the US.

After a month, Mexico will either sign the new trade treaty or watch its economy wither away.

See post: “NAFTA is Fraud” in NEW POLITICAL PARTY.




The United States has been cheated in all foreign trade.

Unfair trade, whether by  treaty/agreement or not, has existed for many decades.

Other nations have worked to take extreme advantage over the US.

This is not a little fudging, but criminal action.

US government has to end this NOW and extract restoration for lost money and jobs.

Each nation has a trade vulnerability.

The US needs to use these pressure points to obtain trade justice for its citizens.

Other nations have acted in an evil manner in their foreign trade with the US.

Reminder:  The United States has NO allies.




Tuesday, once again, missiles and rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.

Gaza is a terrorist enclave.

Everybody in Gaza is a terrorist.

Any nation or organization that is not applying harsh sanctions against Gaza is aiding and abetting terrorists; including ending all aid to palestinians.

Many of these nations and organizations are anti-Semitic.

Those terrorists’ goal is the destruction of Israel; another holocaust.

All terrorists are evil; including those that do not fight terrorism.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

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