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Judge throws out evidence weed killer Roundup is killing people.

Corrupt and/or very stupid judge.

Roundup is highly toxic.

It causes cancer and other serious medical conditions.

Roundup kills people.

Roundup should NEVER been approved for any use.

Just more proof the government is failing to protect citizens in a very big way.




Government shutdown continues.

Over the much needed southern border wall.

Democrats want to let more worthless people and criminals into The US.

It is part of their vote buying program.

The longer the shutdown, the better.

As long as government workers do not receive retro-active pay.

And they should not.  They did not work; so no pay.

Save millions.

And maybe, just maybe, some of those worthless workers will quit.

Hopefully, Trump will stay the course.




The government claims consumer prices fell.

One of the biggest lies ever.

Ask anybody if prices declined.

Only a brain-dead person will answer “yes”.

This is just another example of government corruption and incompetence.

Consumer prices always go UP.

Not just a little; but by leaps and bounds.

Everybody should know this by now.




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